V-Force 3 Reed Valve


Product Highlights

  • Unique design uses four sets of reed valves for better reliability and increased air flow. Double the reed tip surface over a conventional reed valve design
  • Increased bottom end, stronger mid-range and longer top-end. Greater efficiency due to reduced reed petal travel
  • Screw free design eliminates risk of screws going through motor.Screw free design enables super quick reed petal changes
  • Symmetrical reed petals end having to match up “inner” and “outer” reeds. Custom air guides specific to each individual application ensure maximum airflow
  • A new reed stop design completely eliminates the need for retaining screws. Shaped reed tip surface increases velocity of fuel/air mixture, creating optimal fuel atomization. Includes reeds and reed valve gaskets

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Estimated Delivery Date June 23, 2024


Save yourself the hassle of messing with retaining screws, cheap reed petals, and bad performance by getting yourself the V-Force 3 Reed Valve. How does the V-Force deliver its simplicity and performance gains? First, the V-Force 3’s overall design is drastically different than your stock reed valve. The V-Force 3 uses four sets of identical, snap-in reeds so you don’t have to deal with matching up inner and outer reeds. More importantly, four sets of reeds give you double the intake area versus stock reed valves. With double the intake area the air fuel mixture is pulled into your engine much faster. That means you get quicker throttle response and less reed stress since each reed does not have to flex or open as wide. In addition, the carbon composite reeds that go in the V-Force 3 last much longer and have less deformation than the flimsy plastic reeds you typically find. So when your 2 stroke starts to feel sluggish and bogs, retire your old reed valve for a V-Force 3 Reed Valve and you’ll be surprised by just how much of a difference it will make.