Supersprox Rear Steel Sprocket 48 Tooth Black for Kawasaki KLX400R 2003


Product Highlights

  • SCM435 Ni-Chrome-Molybdenum low corrosion steel
  • Hot-dipped galvanizing gives tough zinc carbonate finish
  • Self-cleaning chain grooves
  • Fits like a stock sprocket
  • Low carbon core with case hardened surface

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Supersprox goes all out with their Rear Steel Sprockets, from first stage to last. Let’s start with the first. Supersprox begins by using a highly specialized SCM435 Ni-Chrome-Molybdenum low-corrosion type steel as the base material for the sprocket. Once the shape has been CNC machined, the sprocket is case hardened to give it a low carbon core and an incredibly tough surface hardness. To finish it off Supersprox uses hot-dip galvanizing to protect the surface of the sprocket by chemically creating a shielding layer of zinc carbonate. So what does all that mean? What it means is that you’re getting a sprocket with outstanding durability made from some of the best materials available.