Maier ATV Handguards


Product Highlights

  • Lightweight protection for your hands and controls
  • Fit for your specific make and model of machine
  • Multiple colors available
  • Resistant to weather, UV, chemical, and temperature
  • All disc brake model hand guards are designed to fit each specific master cylinders shape and size

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Estimated Delivery Date February 6, 2023


Protect your hands and the controls on your ATV when you mount a set of the Maier ATV Handguards. With multiple colors available and a fit that is specific to your make and model of ATV, these guards will suit your needs perfectly. They’re made from high-impact polypropylene material that is resistant to UV, chemical, temperature, and weather damage, so you’ll have these handguards for a long time. After a quick installation you’ll be ready to take your ATV through the thickest woods and roughest brambles without worrying about branches whipping your hands and ripping off your levers thanks to the Maier ATV Handguards.